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    • Historias Adoptadas 

      Paez Melo, Laura Andrea; (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2019-04-04)
      This project arises from my need to explore the topic of adoption, inquiry of which I am also the object of study. The stories that are created around the same person who has gone through adoptability processes are diverse, ...
    • Percepciones sobre la muerte en jóvenes caleños de la Comuna 20 

      Escobar Mazo, Lina Marcela; (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2019-06-14)
      The undeniable fact of death seems to generate in the youth the alienated idea of the eternal. Reality daily crushes those who think too much about her, about that always hurried death. Here are the reflections towards ...
    • Percepción en invidencia adquirida a través de la memoria y aproximación 

      Romero Rengifo, Carolina; Maestra en artes visuales; (Pontificia Universidad JaverianaHumanidades y Ciencias SocialesArtes visuales, 2017)
      This document pretend to make known to the reader the conceptual, artistic and methodological elements that were worked with the purpose of creating an artistic proposal that let know the relationship between memory and ...